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Vertebral Subluxation part 2

Written By Volstad Integrated Wellness on May 29, 2019


(Abnormal motion or position of spinal bones.)

The bones of the spine are designed to move, while at the same time protecting the spinal cord and nerve roots.  But, sometimes they become "stuck," don't move enough, or they move too much.

This can be caused by physical trauma (repetitive motion, car accidents, slips, falls, etc.), emotional stress (worry, negative thoughts, fear, etc.), or chemical imbalances (alcohol, drugs, toxins, pollution, etc.).

When spinal joints are fixated ("stuck") and not moving enough, they force other joints to move too much. These problems can distort normal spinal curves and compromise proper function. In some cases, problems in one area of the spine can cause compensation reactions in other areas!

Doctors can detect this aspect of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex by analyzing your posture, taking diagnostic X-rays, measuring your ability to turn and bend, plus other tests.