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Chronic Pain Treatment in Jupiter

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Do you have Chronic Pain?

We can help with Chronic pain. Pain from old injuries, new injuries. Pain is no fun and not a way we want to live our lives. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to learn about an exciting new technology called the H-Wave, that may be able to help you with your chronic pain.

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How H-Wave Helps Your Body Relieve Pain and Recover From Injury

What really happens within your body when it goes through the recovery process? Whether it’s from a sustained injury or after surgery – how does your body work to get your system and the affected area back to homeostasis? Read below to learn more about your body’s natural recovery process and how H-Wave can assist with this type of rehabilitation. You’ll also discover how H-Wave’s unique technology can help control pain in order to allow your body to move again, and engage the systems it needs in order to restore function.

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The Basics of Recovery

How to get an injured area back to homeostasis

Whether you’ve had surgery, or suffered a significant injury, or are dealing with some type of chronic pain or chronic inflammatory condition; the goal in all these cases is to bring the tissues and the area back towards homeostasis in order to feel better. You don’t just want to mask symptoms and you don’t just want to feel good momentarily, but you really want to help that area recover. The goal is to help improve the health of those tissues in that area. That is also the key to providing rehabilitative and lasting benefits. In order to bring tissues and an environment back towards homeostasis, the absolute foundation of that is clear:

You must flush out waste and bring in nourishment.

Whatever you may call it (congestion, waste, swelling, edema), it’s what causes so many problems and is at the root of so many symptoms that patients often have. So what you need to do is flush all that waste out. Simultaneously, you’ll need to bring more fresh blood and nourishment into that area. Nourishment includes all the supplies that the body uses to repair those tissues to be healthy, to feel good, and to perform the way they’re supposed to. So, how do we flush the waste out?

Flushing Waste Out – How the Lymphatic System Works

While the heart beats, it sends blood throughout the body. Oxygenated blood flows through arteries from the heart into all areas, and deoxygenated blood is pumped back to the heart through veins and so on. During your body’s natural recovery process, large waste particles are produced and can create congestion since they can’t go through the venous system. This is what occurs so often for people who have had an injury or surgery or suffer from chronic conditions. In order to remove these large waste particles, it requires the lymphatic system.

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The lymphatic system is a network of thousands and thousands of vessels throughout your body going out to all your extremities. It’s those lymphatic vessels that absorb larger waste particles and excess fluid from all the extremities and filter out the bacteria in order to eventually return the healthy excess lymph fluid back into your bloodstream. But the lymphatic system doesn’t have a heart beating to force the movement of fluid and waste through it. It’s a passive system. In order to absorb those fluids and move that waste away from your extremities and back into circulation, it requires the lymphatic system to be activated by compressing the lymphatic vessels. To learn more about the lymphatic system: Click here: The lymphatic system

The lymphatic vessels have all these one-way valves. As the vessel is compressed, it moves the waste up a little bit through the one way valve up to the next chamber, and then it’ll stay there. When the vessel continues to be compressed, it’ll move that waste up to the next chamber, and the next chamber, and the next chamber, and it can’t go backwards because of those one-way valves. This compression of lymphatic vessels can be done in lots of ways. The way it works on a normal everyday basis is through locomotion. Your own natural body movement in life compresses those lymphatic vessels and makes sure that waste is not accumulating in the extremities or in any parts of your body and that it’s constantly moving.

The Challenge – Engaging Lymphatics When You’re Injured

When you’re injured or you’ve had surgery or you’re suffering from a chronic condition, a few things can happen which prevent waste from moving through the lymphatic system and allow congestion a chance to build up and cause discomfort. One example is – you’re unable to move that much, either because you’re in so much pain, or that part of your body is immobilized and you physically can’t move, or it’s too painful to move. Another example is – that your body has already done so much work trying to repair tissues that even if you are moving, it can’t keep up because there is already too much accumulation of congestion and waste, so you need to move more. That’s why you might hear so often that exercise is the best medicine and movement is so good. But what if movement is going to exacerbate the situation and make the environment worse?

Sometimes you can move a little bit, and that’s why physical or occupational therapy can be beneficial to get your body moving and help move some of the waste through the lymphatic vessels. But if you move too much, i.e.: too much walking, too much stretching, too much work with a therapist, too much time on a stationary bike or whatever it may be; then you start actually working those muscles and that can very often exacerbate an injury or aggravate a post-op area. When you work an area too much, you start causing fatigue of those muscles. This type of muscle fatigue is micro trauma and it damages those tissues, so you’ll have an inflammatory response and again, exacerbate the issue. So, you DO need to compress and activate those lymphatics, but you need to be careful to do it in a way that doesn’t make any issues worse. This is where H-Wave can help, and it’s what makes H Wave so unique and so special.

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The Solution – How H-Wave’s Low Frequency Activates the Lymphatic System

H-Wave has a low frequency setting that works uniquely by activating muscles through non-fatiguing muscle contractions. By contracting muscles with H-Wave, you are creating very significant compression of the lymphatic vessels. What’s so special about the H-Wave is it does this without any fatigue to those muscles and without any stress or tension on the tissues. So there is no chance of exacerbating an injury or issue within the area. There’s no chance of having an inflammatory response and overworking those muscles. Even though that premise sounds simple, there are no other methods that accomplish this in the same way. Any type of physical exercise will relatively quickly start putting stress on the tissues. Pretty soon if you do more than 10-15 minutes, you start causing muscle fatigue and creating an inflammatory response.

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