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Functional Medicine at Volstad Chiropractic

Functional Medicine is a systematic approach to healthcare that incorporates several new ideas into the treatment of disease and the restoration of health and vitality.

  1. Functional Medicine looks for the "why" and not only the "what". The present model of healthcare looks for symptoms and then correlates those symptoms into a group and calls it a "disease". It then treats the symptoms or more precisely the "disease". Functional Medicine looks further than that. It looks for the "why". In other words, why do these symptoms arise? What is the cause of these symptoms and then treats the cause thus eliminating the reason those symptoms arose in the first place.
  2. Functional Medicine creates a partnership between the patient and the physician. Instead of the physician being the primary motivator of therapeutic activity, the patient is actively involved in their own therapy with responsibility for the outcome that is desired.
  3. Functional Medicine is personalized medicine. No two people are the same. Their genetic make up creates different responses to different stimuli, whether the stimuli be environmental toxins, bacteria/viral, allergies or stress. So it is important to investigate each patient as an individual to determine "why" they are responding so, resulting in ill health.

In these ways then, Functional Medicine supports the unique expression of each individual's health and vitality.

I invite you to investigate this section of our website to learn more about how Functional Medicine aka Lifestyle Medicine can help you regain your health and vitality.

Dr. Keith Volstad