Here's why I stay with your practice:

  • the office itself - physical environment is clean and comfortable - enough seats, tv, magazines, water. You are not cramped in like in other offices. Angie is friendly and welcoming; she's quick to accommodate with changes in appts, etc. Laura is also friendly and welcoming and genuinely interested in your health and well-being. If she notices your shoes are wearing down, she will call the company to see what they can do for you. She will also offer helpful hints re: food, plants, cleaning, etc. Both ladies are real problem solvers. My husband has commented on how nice these two ladies must be because he hears me talking about them. They always make me smile!
  • chiropractic care - I can rest assured that Dr V will figure out what's wrong with me and treat it accordingly. I like that I always get the stim and "roller" bed (sorry, I never remember what either of them are called). I feel they make a difference in my care. Also, like the laser gun (again, don't know actual name). These three things followed by treatment by Dr. V provide me w/ a total care package and I always leave the office feeling better. Dr. V has helped me when I could barely walk or sit and brought me back to a normal state of well-being.
  • Nutritional/Functional Med - probably my favorite part of Dr. V's care because I am very interested in alternative ways of staying healthy. My goal is to grow older w/o taking pharmaceutical meds - I don't believe they are all good for you and I know they tax a retiree's income so I'm looking for a way to stay healthy and forego the meds. Dr V has worked w/ me to figure out my genetic disposition for certain issues as well as providing me w/ a wealth of information on nutraceuticals/'supplements that can help keep me healthy. He is willing to help my family as well.
  • I also appreciate that Dr. V is continuing to enhance his education and credentials to better serve his patients. He also stays abreast of technology that may be able to help his patients (e.g. magno chair - again, name is incorrect). He takes the time to talk to you and does not rush you through his office. This is important because I feel that the talking is just as vital to my well-being as the actual treatment. There's really no other way for a practitioner to accurately treat his patient if he doesn't spend the time asking questions to get to the bottom of the issue and getting to know his patient. The relationship that Dr. V, Laura, and Angie have built w/ me makes me happy AND it helps get me the best care possible!
  • Cathy M.