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Vertebral Subluxation part 6

Written By Volstad Integrated Wellness on April 14, 2021

(Abnormal function of the spine and body.)

When there is malfunction or trauma to a joint, one of the ways the body responds is by stabilizing the area by growing new bone!

Over time, calcium deposits can build up, eventually recognizable as bone spurs and other abnormal bony growths. This arthritic "splinting" of adjacent bones is an attempt to stabilize the malfunctioning joint. If ignored or neglected long enough, the body can turn a once mobile joint into a solid block of calcium.


Throughout the body, degenerative changes can be seen in other organs and systems. Many health conditions not normally considered related to "back problems", can often be traced back to nervous system impairment by the spine.

While often seen in the aged, this degenerative condition is not part of the normal aging process. This type of spinal decay is the result of spinal problems which have been ignored or neglected for many years.