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Vertebral Subluxation part 5

Written By Volstad Integrated Wellness on August 18, 2020

(Abnormal soft tissue function)

When there is spinal joint malfunction, the discs, ligaments, and other connective tissues are affected, too.

While technically you can't have a "slipped" disc, the soft pulpy discs that separate each spinal vertebra can tear, bulge, herniate, and degenerate.

Ligaments and other connective tissues in the area of the malfunctioning spinal joint are often involved. Inflammation and swelling accompany the accumulation of blood and lymph, causing a rise in temperature.

Unlike many other tissues of the body, these discs and ligaments have a poor blood supply. This makes the healing of soft tissues a very slow and time-consuming process.

In fact, proper healing often requires continued care even after the relief of obvious symptoms.